A Little Bit of Lateral Excel Thinking

I’d like to follow up on my last post Finding Your Harmonic Rotation. There’s what I feel is an important point which I make in this post – achieving a desired result is the most important factor. However, in saying this I also recognize that not only is it the...

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Finding Your Harmonic Rotation

There are so many different markets out there and finding the harmonic rotation for each one you trade is a critically important exercise. It’s useful to figure out for your stops and scales. It’s useful as a gauge of strength of the current rotation taking place....

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Big ES Delta – Excel Analysis

What is Volume Delta? Delta volume is a great way to see the balance of buyers versus sellers. It’s a very simple metric and is calculated by taking all the “at offer” trades and subtracting all the “at bid” trades within a specific bar. It’s seen as the balance of...

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